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Old 09-07-2012
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IRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant future
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 690
Default IRIS:DJ ICEY,AK1200,ODI,DannyWildChild,Dara,Phantom45, ARION DUBSTEP, SIKORA,MK

ADV $10 Presale ON SALE! | $15 No line Advanced
IRIS Promotion & The IRIS Girls proudly present the LEGENDARY SATURDAY WEEKLY: Presales ARE ALMOST SOLD OUT
BUT PRESALE HERE: www.irispromo.eventbrite.com
ESP101[Learn To Believe] >> EACH & EVERY Saturday night at THE IRIS aka RUSH

:::::::::: AMAZING LINEUP & LIVE PERFORMANCES :::::: SAT SEP 8 :::::::

::> Arion [Dubstep] <::

2012 Dubstep Music Awards "Best Breakthrough Dubstep Producer"

::> MK Ultra <::
::> Sikora <::
::> Mcbeezy <::
::> Kry <::
::> Versatile <::
::> Nextakin <::
::>::> Full Frequency Live <::
::> Jeremy <::
::> J-lumen <:
::> B-NAUT<::
::> JTyler SEXTON<::
::> Ralph & Louie & Friends [Soul Kitchen]<::
::> MC Arion Lee <::
::> MC Word <::
::> The Iris Girls <::
::> Retox Crew <::


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: SPECIAL GUESTS:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Sat Sept 15: DIRTY TALK & Mark Yurm & RL SHINE
Sat Sept 22: Eddie Gold w/ Special Guest
Sat Sept 29: Special Guests TBA (so silky)
Sat Oct 6: DJ DARA!! D&B legend (back by popular demand) & MC Word birthday party!
Sat Oct 20: J- Rabbit!!!!!
Sat Oct 27: VERY Special Halloween ESP101 Edition
Sat Nov 3: Q-BIK MUSIK!!!!! The #1 Australlian D&B/Drumstep act
Sat Nov 10: IRIS & MADDHATTER Productions team up for the VERY FIRST time to bring you: DUBTRIBE SOUND SYSTEM - LIVE (This is VERY special and VERY rare Atlanta performance)
Sat Dec 29: IRIS Pre-NYE party

Just like ESP 101 in the OLD SCHOOL Days, VERY SPECIAL GUESTS Jumping on ALL NIGHT LONG!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BRING YOUR SUNGLASSES!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<

WE ARE ALSO RUNNING AFTER HOURS FOR all the major clubs and events EACH & EVERY Saturday night!!! Get ready Atown.

After OVERWHELMING support and massive amounts of requests from all of our faithful and most loyal friends, family, crew, and fans; both old and new, IRIS is bringing back the true Old School with a touch of middle school, new school, and whatever school.
"for those that know"

:::::::::::::::::::::::::: ABOUT ESP 101:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

ESP101 is truly LEGENDARY and was instrumental in developing many of your favorite DJs, Light techs, Sound techs, Music Producers, Dancers! IRIS Promotion and The IRIS Girls are beyond thrilled to be able to provide you with the new chapter in this magical night. Prepare to experience that magical vibe and energy that everyone talks about but rarely is experienced; prepare for THE ONE AND ONLY

ESP101 was built on providing the VERY best in production for the VERY best "locals" in the land, Atlanta "locals," THE very best talent the world has to offer...period!

The very best in EVERY genre of EDM: Electro,Drum & Bass, BASS Music, Breaks, DubStep, Trance, House, Hip Hop (old,middle,new school)

At ESP101 you will experience many old school DJs, many new school DJs, many big named DJs, many fresh out the box DJs, but ALL with one thing in common.... TALENT

EACH & EVERY SATURDAY night IRIS brings you a FULL Production event that will BLOW YOUR MIND with the HIGHEST QUALITY EVERYTHING at the most reasonable price possible!!!!

:::>18+ :::>>>>>>>>>>>>YES
:::>21+ to drink, 4 full bars :::>>>>>>>YES
:::>open VERY LATE:::>>>>>YES
:::>TURBO SOUND :::>>>>>>YES
:::>Custom Lasers & Lighting by Area 51 Presents:::>>>>>>YES
:::>Cryogenic Guns:::>>>>>>YES
:::>Fire Performers:::>>>>>YES
:::>Large Outside Deck w/ sound:::>>>>>YES
:::>3 different Atmospheres of Sound & Lighting:::>>>>YES
:::>Stilt walkers:::>>>>>>>>>YES
:::>Confetti Cannons:::>>>>>>>YES
:::>Bottle Service Available:::>>>>>>>YES
:::>Friendly,firm,& familiar IRIS security:::>>>>>YES
:::>Amazing Hoopers:::>>>>>>>YES
:::>True Master of Ceremony:::>>>>>>>YES
:::>Amazing custom decorations:::>>>>>>YES
:::>Plenty of CLEAN bathrooms:::>>>>>>YES
:::>GO GO dancers:::>>>>>>>>>>>YES
:::>VIP Rooms Chillin w/Talent:::>>>>>>YES
:::>TONS of absolutely FREE secured parking:::>>>>>>YES
:::>Valet parking available:::>>>>>>>>>YES
:::>Open Kitchen w/ great food:::>>>>>>>>>>YES
:::>Thickest IRIS old school vibe:::>>>>>YES
:::>BEST TALENT ::>>>>>>>>>> YES
:::>VERY BEST CROWDS:::>>>>>>>>>>>YES

IRIS loves you and it shows!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each and every Saturday night @ RUSH
We bring you the very best in a locals showcase with the very best in sound, lighting, lasers, and performances each and every Saturday night. We will have A LOT of HUGE talent coming in as well to make the night that much more special. We thank you for the continued support over the many years and we will do our best to bring it to you the very best way we know how at the lowest price we can. The ONLY way, the RIGHT way, the IRIS way. We will continue to try to make you feel at home, where we call, THE UNDERGROUND!

Iris is about bringing light to the scene and creating the THICKEST vibe cocktail possible under one roof. We produce only the highest quality events and work with INTEGRITY, RESPECT, INTELLIGENCE, and SOLIDARITY... there are many other things Iris stands for as well. You will find that out as you get to know us.. IRIS - "For those that know" - MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL BECOME A FAN of Iris Promotion and The Iris Girls

The IRIS Family

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::// PRESALES // :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

$10 Advanced Get them while they last (hint…hurry)
$15 NO LINE Advanced
$35 FULL ACCESS VIP - Separate VIP NO LINE- Separate designated VIP areas w/ TALENT and plenty of seating and elbow room. VERY LIMITED SOLD
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::

2715 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30305
http://www.facebook.com/RushLounge +-> for Pics & Video

If it is SATURDAY night…. You KNOW where to be for the very dopest party of the month.. @ RUSH aka "THE NEW IRIS"


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::

Dubstep | Drum & Bass | Electro | Breaks | House | Progressive House

::::::::::::::::IRIS REZIDENT BIOS:::::::::::::::::::::::

:::MK ULTRA::::
M.K Ultra is a DJ/ Producer based out of Atlanta playing many genres such as dubstep, house, electro, moombaton, and hardstyle. Known for her high energy and constant movement. She loves producing dubstep and dirty electro. Rising fast as one of the only female dubstep artists in the Atlanta. Playing at your favorite clubs such as Opera, Primal, Luckie Lounge, Connect Lounge, Stoned Studios, QUAD, Spring forth, and other venues she never fails to deliver a high energy dirty set ready to melt your face off and leave you sweating. MK Ultra started DJing in the early summer of 2011 rapidly progressing to be well known in Atlanta for her talent to bring energy to a crowd. She is now booking out of state gigs and is looking at a National summer tour in mid August 2012. Be looking for her new EP soon! MK Ultra claims that this is just what she loves to do. She really genuinely enjoys DJing and is addicted to music production. She can't wait to see how Djing and producing progresses for her in the future. SHE HAS PLAYED WITH HEADLINERS SUCH AS PORTER ROBINSON, AK1200, MARK INSTINCT, MARTY PARTY, HULK, COOKIE MONSTA, POPESKA, OBLIVION, CAPTAIN PANIC, BASSEX, NERD RAGE, DJ MEGAN FOX, DJ COURTNEY, STREET LURKIN, AND MANY MORE!

:::::::ANIEL MCBREEZY:::::::::::::::
Rhythm n Bass
'Mcbeezy has been smashing parties all over the southeast with an unrivaled arsenal of heavy basslines and an energy as fierce as his mixing. This cat's been in the indie electronica game for a minute, playing drums for national touring and regional live electronic acts since 2005. He's shared the stage with such notable luminaries as Z Trip, Rusko, Big Gigantic and Ott over the years, as well as many sit in performances with Public Enemy's DJ Lord and Atlanta's own long time bass heads Charlie P & Ployd. The energy seems effortlessly translated to his mixing, which has been seen as a force to be reckoned with this past year in the southeast. As a member of Atlanta based bass posse Trillitary, Mcbeezy continues to refine his skills as a producer and DJ, and still drums for Atlanta based dubstep act Trill Bass. Much to be seen from this one...

:::SIKORA::::Original IRIS::::Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Dubstep Music
Iris ESP resident DJ Sikora's first show was with Iris ESP at the Church in 1999. Since then he has been shaking asses and bringing people into the scene. Sikora is known for his smooth mixing and his ability to take the crowd on journey they won't forget. Check out Sikora live, for a performance you don't want to miss. To get a taste of what to expect you can go to the iTunes store and search DJ Sikora Podcast to download all his new and old mixes for free.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::

:::::Nextakin (Next Of Kin):::::
Twitter @djnextakin

IRIS, Dungeon Family Generation X, 1200 Hustle

Nextakin has been rocking massive sounds in clubs all over the south for over a decade. Formerly D-Lemma, Nextakin has always brought together the two worlds of Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music. He pushes to merge the scenes, but can solely represent either one with the best of them. Nextakin has been in the DnB and hip hop scene representing Atlanta his whole career. Music is his pulse and the people are his motivation. Representing IRIS, Dungeon Family Generation X, and 1200 HUSTLE, Nextakin plans to bring his sounds to the ears of the real!

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::

::::RALPH & LOUIE::::
Right Left Studios / IRIS / RAAW) - Atlanta, GA
When we hit the decks at any event it is known that from that point on the crowd is in our hands. For over 18 years each these 2 seasoned DJs have rocked dance floors across the nation and have joined forces to bring your their new brain child.. RALPH & LOUIE! While feeding off each others energy and mastering the EQ and effects you will know there style is different than what you have heard before.. And if thats not enough and you are lucky enough to catch a set when they include live instruments such as Drums, Didgeridoo, Guitars, horns and more.. you will know why you are scheduling to see there next show in advanced.. Welcome to the minds of Ralph & Louie!!


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::

SOUNDCLOUDS & LINKS to some of our Rotational talent:

SIKORA: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Sikora/136534406388500

NEXTaKIN aka D-LEMMA - IRIS, 1200 Hustle



:::::: B-NAUT ::::::
As reviewed on NeedCoffee.com: "DJ B-Naut is the Dr. Moreau of DJs. He will commit sonic crimes against God and humanity splicing music that should never be mixed together and makes it work anyway. This guy is a certified madman!" --Widgett Walls

DJ B-Naut is a seasoned remix artist from Atlanta, Georgia with over 18 years of experience behind the decks. He was reviewed on film director Kevin Smith’s website QuickStop.com as, “the Dr. Moreau of DJs who will commit sonic crimes against nature and society” because of he is known for playing unusual but infectious Electro House mashups of everything ranging from Top40 to Retro Classics to Hip
Hop and Hard Rock …all in the same show.

DJ B-Naut has toured the East Coast at hundreds of nightclubs, live radio sets, DJ competitions, and remix contests. He even let his geek flag fly at several sci-fi festivals including appearances at Dragon*Con, Outworld, AnachroCon, and Frolicon while surrounded by Stormtroopers and Trekkies booty shaking in full uniform. B-Naut spent a year performing with the acclaimed indie Rock Fusion band Detroit Mutant Radio as their resident turntablist. Through the years, he has shared stages with legends like RUN DMC, Biz Markie, Chuck D of Public Enemy, DJ Red Alert, Richard "Humpty" Vission, Dynamixx II, DJ Magic Mike, Dangermouse and many others. In 2012, DJ B-Naut takes another huge step into becoming a world class performer and VJ by becoming a regular at several of the South East's most prominent underground night clubs including, RUSH Lounge, Connect, Metropolis, and more.

::::::::: JT SEXton :::::::::::
began djing in the summer of 2000 and since then has been bringing the sweet and dirty sounds of trance, breaks, dub, and many other styles together to create an electronic symphony for the masses. He helped form Digital Horizons early in 2004 and has been helping the scene grow with a burning passion for the purity of the music. In 2010 he and DJ Exzile formed Twisted Enigma and since then have played all across the southeast, and have recently begun their first tour -- The Pressure Drop Tour. From vocals, to breakdowns, to drops, and beyond, you will not only fall in love with his music, but his passion for the scene that he loves. Representing Digital Horizons, Underground Syndicate, and UltraPhonix Recordings, be on the lookout for JT SEXton to decimate a dance floor near you!

YOUR OFFICIAL IRIS Masters Of Ceremony for the entire evening:



MC WORD & The Retox Crew w/ Fire Hula Hoopers

"for those that know"


submit QUALITY demos to:
Iris Promotion
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Old 09-07-2012
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IRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant futureIRIS has a brilliant future
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 690

OVER 2850 CONFIRMED attending!!!! www.facebook.com/irispromo for pics, video, and discounts.
"for those that know"


submit QUALITY demos to:
Iris Promotion
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