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Beatport Exclusive- Outworld - Sky Portal EP - Pangea
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Old 07-17-2012
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Default Beatport Exclusive- Outworld - Sky Portal EP - Pangea

Artist: Outworld
Title: Sky Portal EP
Label: Pangea
Catalog: PANG-037
Genre: Tech House, Progressive
Release Date: Beatport July 17, 2012, Worldwide July 31, 2012

The Mexican dance scene has been around for ages, but never gets the respect it truly deserves. Wrought with talented DJs and music producers, you would think that the bigger label bosses would be scouting Mexico allot more these days. Outworld aka Juan Jimenez, proves what we have known all along: Mexican dance music is quality.

Purplex is a dynamic piece of tech house with a tough bass line and unique melodies. Sky Portal is a perfect compliment, exploding with energy and creative edits.

Huge underground support from Djs across the board. Please Enjoy!

Click here for samples or to purchase.

Thanks for the support!


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