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Some Like It Hot Movement Afterparty 5/25
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Old 04-25-2012
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Default Some Like It Hot Movement Afterparty 5/25



Coyote Cuts & [something clever]

Movement Festival 2012 Opening:

Coyote Cuts & [something clever] have teamed up once again to bring you our 4th edition of the ~ SOME LIKE IT HOT ~ series!

This time around we will feature 2 rooms and an outdoor patio from 8PM-6AM!


http://www.clubtix.com/some-like-it-hot ... ets-109750


:::: J PAUL GETTO :::: Boston :::: Fogbank, Guesthouse, InStereo, X-Mix

Each with years of previous production experience, J Paul Getto was formed in September 2010 with the help of Neil Petricone (X-Mix Productions) and they've been breaking ladies’ hearts ever since. With a truly unique style in today's disco house scene, the duo expertly sample classic disco elements by integrating them into their work and creating a full and overwhelming atmosphere that is to be felt as much as it is to be heard.
Excitement, euphoria and an uncontrollable urge to dance; these are all normal feelings you will encounter the second you hear a J Paul Getto track.
With a sound as big as this, the international scene is left begging for each new release from this duo. Tony Saputo is from Palermo (Italy), Maurice is from Central California and they're now based in Boston.

:::: GENE FARRIS :::: Chicago :::: Farriswheel, Cajual

What defines a Dance Music Legend? Over 100 productions, six albums, on labels
including Defected, CR2, Soma, Cajual, and his own Farriswheel Recordings? Djing in over 30 countries, playing in all the hottest clubs all over the world for over a decade, from Ibiza's "Space", Cielo New York, or Residenting at North America's longest running dance night; Chicago's "Boom Boom Room”? Gene Farris is considered all over the world by dance music fans, producers, and Djs as a Dance Music legend.

:::: CHUCK DANIELS :::: Detroit :::: Sampled

Having always wanted to share his music and vision with others, Chuck Daniels has been an apex component of the Detroit and dance music scene for many years. Whether it’s been behind the decks, behind the party or behind the scenes, he has been involved in hundreds of party’s going back to 1996 and has been DJ’in since 1988. There are not many clubs in Detroit he hasn’t played or brought one of his famous Sampled party’s to, including booking some of the greats like DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter, Green Velvet, Miles Maeda, DJ Heather, Jason Hodges to name a few. Having also performed across North America and Europe, Chuck has played numerous clubs and parties, including residencies at the infamous Motor Lounge, Porter Street, and The Temple.

:::: TERRY MULLAN :::: Phoenix :::: Coinslot, Coyote Cuts

Terry Mullan, Chicago’s turntablist extraordinaire, turns out dance floors week after week throughout the US and abroad. His credits include Twilo, 1015 Folsom, Sona, Bugged Out, The End, Pure, The Queen amongst raves as far off as Japan, Australia and Germany. He has developed a faithful following to those who know through his signature style of funky quirky jacking acid house combined with cutting and scratching making up an entirely new genre all his own.

:::: WATTIE GREEN :::: Nashville :::: Coyote Cuts

Hailing from the backwoods of Tennessee, Wattie Green went from unknown to one of the most recognized names in House Music, virtually overnight. DJing since 99 and only producing since 2004, this spelunking, multi-instrument playing, swing house producing phenom drops bombs where ever he goes! Wattie’s vinyl and digital releases on Flapjack, Spatula City, Juiced, Knocturnal Emissions, Serial Sickness, Funk Mansion continually top the charts of Stompy and Traxsource. In the new year Wattie has really took off with dates all over the US and his brand new label project with partner Hugh Cleal called Coyote Cuts which will feature limited edition 12" vinyl that turned digital to make an impact as they hold releases in the Top 10's each week! Come check out how he has redefined the swing house sound with his sophisticated nuskool jackin feel.

:::: BRYAN JONES :::: Detroit :::: Control, Coyote Cuts, Nervous

:::: NICK JAGGER :::: New York :::: Coyote Cuts, SOUP

:::: HUGH CLEAL :::: Detroit :::: Coyote Cuts

:::: STEPWILD :::: Detroit :::: Coyote Cuts


:::: SAFEWORD (Clint Stewart & Marc Smith) :::: SF :::: Dessous, Poker Flat

Comprising of San Francisco's Clint Stewart and Marc Smith, Safeword is the result of a decade's long friendship and a mutual love for music.
Stewart and Smith have worked side by side on music for years so the eventual pairing was inevitable. "When Clint sent me his
parts to our first track I knew we had something special." says Smith." From then on everything just fell into place."
With a foundation laid down in thick heavy drums, lush melodies and atmospherics, every cut becomes a pulse thumping
cerebral campaign, in which every track leaves an indelible mark on the listener. "We are just now beginning to see what could
flourish here, and the sounds we can create with this dynamic" says Stewart. With a debut ep on Sebrok and Marc Mirior's own imprint,
Paso Music, and an ep on Berlin giants Dessous and Poker Flat, as well as an ep on Alland Byallo's forthcoming label Bad Animal, the duo are just getting started with their assault on dancefloors worldwide.


Born in Portugal, Sergio Santos has spent half his life between the cities of Oporto and his now his current base Boston. It was thanks to his European connection that he became enamored with the underground house and techno scene on the continent and therefore bring his knowledge and ideas to the `Boston side of the Atlantic.

With this edge over the Americans and his passion for the darker side of house, disco and sounds, he set about honing his skills as a DJ and became a pioneer and trendsetter amongst Boston’s "cool crowd". It was around this time 2002-03 that he met a certain DJ and party duo called Soul Clap, and the lads themselves to this day cite Sergio as a major influence over their own move into the underground and one of their favorite DJs.

:::: SASSMOUTH :::: Chicago :::: Smart Bar, NBFC

Dear Everybody, Ms. Friendly Quality Sassmouth played the freshness tracks there and everywhere around the world. Now Sassmouth arrived here!! She always stay near you on the dancefloor, and steals in your mind to lead you to a good situation. Kids are happy with her. Their humming makes you feel happy. You will feel it and sound special. The best quality and fancy sounds. A gift to you from good design. Enjoy! your happy life.

Many parties rocked firstly in Chicago and Detroit causes Sassmouth's confidence of creating deliciousness grooves. This tastiness of her techno and house beats cannot be carried even by both hands. When you're feeling energetic, with a smile on your face, and in love...that's when Sassmouth's bass lines and melodies are the perfect goods to climax a happy occassion. Wonders of electricity are displayed for all to be easily digested at the club and underground parties. Enjoy refreshing time.

:::: JEREMY POLING :::: Detroit :::: [something clever], Coyote Cuts

:::: E. SPLEECE :::: Detroit :::: Exchange Bureau

:::: NO HEADPHONES :::: Philly :::: Something Really Cool

:::: RONIN SELECTA :::: Detroit :::: Bassdrive

:::: DRU RUIZ :::: Detroit :::: Cultured Citizens


:::: ATNARKO :::: Orlando :::: Dance:Revolt, Lazy Days, Live & Direct

Atnarkos own sleek productions - which he describes as "funky and fun" - have been pressed for underground imprints like Lazy Days. Lost My Dog, One Thirty and many more. His collaborations with British house legend Huggy as "Formidable Force" for the 2020 Vision label has indeed landedin the record crates of the world's top house DJs whoprize thier quirky yetfloor movin' vines. Atnarko has appeared on Ministry of Sound, OM, Fabric, Street Beat, Fat City, Network Astralwerks, and many more with a catalog with over 100 releases including several Beatport top 10's. He is an in-demand remixer and well travelled club DJ who is known for being diverese and have the ability to rock any room, large or small. He wants nothing more than to drop a groove down your spine (and inspire a smile on your face). Atnarko also co-owns Eight Track along with Q-Burns abstract message. Eight Tracks is a vinyl based label dedicated to releasing conceptual house music with a post-modernist-read: subversive- slant.

:::: ANDREW EMIL :::: Chicago :::: Four Play, Seasons, OM

As an artist Andrew has been changing the face of house music for over a decade. His releases on some of house music most elite and diverse labels (OM Records, Seasons, fourplaymusic.net, Farris Wheel, Gallery Music Group, Look At You, Alphabet, .dotbleep, Smooth Agent Records, Market House Meats, Roam Recordings, Industry Recordings, Cafe Del Mar Music) have sculpted a sound that clearly defines his frame of reference and at the same time outlines a cadence to his eclectic taste in Chicago House Music.

He is currently one of Chicago's most preeminent producer/DJs. Having multiple productions on many top 100 charts, a notable discography, extensive DJ resume, as well as sustaining support from prominent Chicago House icons, Andrew proves that he is an artist not to be underestimated.

:::: GREG CAMPBELL :::: Denver :::: Full Flavor

:::: ERIC SUTTER :::: Detroit :::: Coyote Cuts, [something clever], Open Bar

:::: MIDNITE JACKERS :::: Detroit :::: Coyote Cuts, Bang Tech 12, Exchange Bureau

:::: DEREK FOREAL :::: Chicago :::: [something clever]

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